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  Healthier living
Improve your quality of life

A healthy, physically-active lifestyle and early diagnosis may prevent the emergence of numerous diseases. However, “not being sick” is far from meaning that you have reached your optimum achievement potential. „Quality of Life“ will evolve only after lifestyle-risks have been detected and avoided.

We consider it our job to provide regular specific preventive medical check-ups, medical consultation and recommendations regarding a healthy, physically-active lifestyle. Active health prevention through sports is an important part of preventive medicine. We are pleased to offer that to you in a competent, time-efficient, individual manner and in pleasant surroundings. Our individual health check-up will be performed in one of the most beautiful cities of Germany, right in the heart of Munich.

As an additional service to you, all relevant data will be stored in an electronically secure web-based patient record, to which you have world-wide access. An individual “Health Management” service will remind you of upcoming appointments and necessary measures on a diagnostic and therapeutic level.

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