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Our bodies and the functions of our organs are controlled by hormones. Different influences can lead to a malfunction. Diagnosis is not easy and often cannot be made at first sight. Hormones, oxygen and much more are transported in our blood vessel system, which distributes the blood through the vessels to all extremities. In our specialist department of endocrinology we investigate and treat disorders of metabolism, hormones and blood vessels.

Our endocrinology specialist team focuses on clinical pictures, the cause of which can be traced back to a disturbance of the metabolism and / or the release and effect of the hormones or a disorder. Some illnesses or disorders show up only as symptoms that are not very pronounced or have side effects. Appropriate specialization and, above all, extensive experience are the key to successful therapy.

A variety of diseases can be attributed to these disorders:

  • Overweight (obesity)
  • Bone metabolism disorders (eg osteoporosis)
  • Growth and developmental disorders
  • Diabetes (diabetes mellitus)
  • High pressure (hypertension)
  • Thyroid diseases, parathyroid disease (eg goiter = goiter)
  • Diabetes mellitus
  • Cohen syndrome
  • Cushing's syndrome
  • Addison's disease
  • Adrenogenital syndrome
  • acromegaly
  • short stature
  • pheochromocytoma

Furthermore, the much less common disorders of the sex hormones are to be considered:

  • Change problems in women and men (menstrual disorders, hormone deficiency)
  • hormonal problems with unfulfilled desire for children (hormone therapy)

Hormone-dependent tumors:

  • Breast and ovarian cancer
  • Prostate and testicular cancer

In doing so, our many years of experience, our high level of up-to-date specialist knowledge and the exchange within our team come into play.

Endocrinology. Hormone and metabolic diseases

Listlessness and depressed mood, osteoporosis, weight gain, hair loss, high blood pressure - all these symptoms can be seen separately illness but also with one Disruption of hormone hash accompanied. "Detecting metabolic disorders is a complex and multi-factorial discipline. Expertise and experience are the key to a successful therapeutic approach. ", Professor med. Roland Gärtner; Head of Endocrinology at the CPM Munich. "The successful, individual therapy can only be chosen taking into account all influencing factors and living circumstances - only then can a success be achieved."

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