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Sports medicine

Sports medicine investigates the influence of exercise, training and sports as well as lack of exercise on healthy and sick people of all ages.

Our portfolio of services includes in particular cardiovascular examinations as well as sports medical aptitude tests - from the determination of the body composition (body impedance measurements) over the measurement of the maximum oxygen uptake up to the stress index and for the development of individual training programs.

  • Investigations & aptitude tests

  • Cardiovascular examination

  • Sports medical fitness test

  • body composition
    Body Impedance Measurements (BIA)
    Liquid / fat / muscle
  • Classic load test
    Aerobic / aerobic threshold (lactate determination)
    Maximum oxygen uptake (O2-max-spiroergometry)
  • Blood parameters for short-term and long-term stress / stress tests
    Vitamins (E, C and B)
    Trace elements (iron, iodine, fluorine, selenium, zinc and magnesium)
    Stress index (catecholamine and cortisol profile)
  • training programs
  • Care at high performance load