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How can I strengthen my immune system?

This question moves many people, especially in autumn and winter, especially with regard to the current corona pandemic. In fact, there is a lot you can do yourself.
At the beginning, however, it must be said that the measures always depend on the personal situation.
Vaccinations and exercise training plans must be adapted to the individual circumstances.
Our practice has been on the creation of Health check-ups and subsequent therapies and / or recommendations for action. The analysis of laboratory values ​​especially in the Corona environment can make it possible to foresee particularly difficult processes and to take preventive measures.

Our two locations in Heart of munich and right on Tegernsee are ideal for your first and most important measure to strengthen your immune system - your personal check-up. You can choose between three different variants (Classic Plus, Classic Extra and Classic Pro Found) choose.
Only after you have gained certainty about your state of health and performance does it make sense to take further steps:

  • Internal examinations
  • Therapies for diseases
  • Preventive medical measures to strengthen the circulatory / immune system
  • Nutrition and supplement planning
  • Exercise planning, fitness program
  • Vaccinations (always according to the results of the check-up examination)

Do you have any questions about health check-ups as a central pillar for strengthening your immune system?

Call us directly on +49 (0) 89 - 23 08 94-0 or use our check-up request form at the end of this page.


Tips to strengthen your immune system

A vital immune system is able to perform its tasks without external help - to protect the body from pathogens, pollutants and pathological cell changes. There are a number of ways you can do your part to keep your immune system intact.

Avoid / reduce harmful substances
Nicotine and alcohol are poison for the body and have a negative impact on the immune system. They promote cancer and impair the function of cells and organs.

Avoid stress
Negative stress weakens the immune system. Your body then releases the stress hormone cortisol in excess or large amounts of certain immune messenger substances circulate in the blood. Among other things, this promotes cardiovascular diseases and increases the susceptibility to infections. This applies to physical stress as well as to mental stress.
It is imperative that you take a break (no matter how short ...) to strengthen your immune system. Be careful with yourself and actively work on your relaxation. Relaxation techniques such as autogenic training and progressive muscle relaxation are proven to be suitable for this. Breathing techniques or yoga. For example, it has been shown that yoga, tai chi and qigong, as well as meditation, have a positive effect on the immune system.

Get enough sleep
With enough sleep, the immune system can also be strengthened. The body's defenses recover most effectively at night. Regular sleep for six to nine hours has been proven to protect against colds. On the other hand, too much sleep (more than nine hours) is not conducive to health and can even promote depression. The information applies to adults and not to children who have a higher need for sleep.

You can achieve an immune system strengthening with regular physical activity. It is most effective if you are active daily in accordance with your individual exercise / training plan. Regularly active people are less likely to catch a cold or have less pronounced symptoms if they do fall ill.

Soak up the sun and nature
Fresh air and a natural environment also strengthen the immune system. Asian studies, for example, were able to increase the number of immune cells as well as reduce blood pressure and the level of stress hormones among the participants when they spent several days in the forest. This so-called "forest bathing" is a recognized form of therapy in Japan.
Our body needs a regulated amount of sunlight. Laboratory tests have shown that the blue and ultraviolet parts of sunlight increase the activity of certain immune cells called T cells.
On the other hand, the body needs the UV-B component in sunlight to produce vitamin D.
Don't take supplements without planning! Overdosing can damage your health. After your check-up, our nutrition specialists will add important additional ingredients to your diet plan - always tailored to your individual needs.
A balanced diet is usually enough to provide you with adequate amounts of all nutrients. Food supplements are only advisable in certain cases (e.g. vitamin B12 preparation for vegans).

Enough liquid
Drink enough fluids every day, ideally in the form of water, still mineral water or herbal tea. One of the purposes of this is to keep the mucous membranes in the airways moist. When these dry out, the removal of viruses and bacteria works less well - this increases the susceptibility to infection.
Protect the microbiome
Numerous different bacteria naturally settle in and on our body. Such a normal flora is called a microbiome. The largest is the microbiome of the intestine (also called intestinal microbiome or intestinal flora. Other important microbiomes are, for example, the skin and vaginal flora. All of them play an important role in the immune system.

It consists of billions of bacteria that, among other things, support digestion and produce vitamins that our body can use. In addition, the intestinal flora is extremely important for our immune system: The "good" intestinal bacteria prevent pathogenic germs from settling and spreading in the intestinal mucous membrane. In addition, the intestinal flora trains the part of the immune system located in the intestine.
The whole thing only works successfully when the intestinal flora is in balance.
Your intestinal flora benefits from a varied diet - and thus also your immune system.

Skin flora
Many beneficial bacteria also settle on the skin. They form a barrier against pathogenic germs. You can support this protective barrier with the right skin care.

Vaccines are available against some disease-causing viruses and bacteria (e.g. flu vaccination, measles vaccination, pneumococcal vaccination). They can be used to train the immune system.
Vaccination is not just about protecting an individual. If as many people as possible can be vaccinated against a pathogen, it can spread less easily in the population. This collective vaccination protection (herd immunity) then also protects those people who cannot be vaccinated themselves (e.g. chronically ill, pregnant women or newborns).
If necessary, our specialists will find suitable measures to take appropriate, balanced measures in the event of acute threats. In some areas, vaccination options are still in the development phase. This should be reflected in your individual defense against infection.

Prevent infections with good hygiene
We can relieve our immune system by reducing the risk of infection with appropriate hygiene. A healthy sense of proportion is important here - both too little and excessive hygiene are not good for the immune system.

Do you have any further questions? Call 089 2308940 or send us an E-mail. We would be happy to answer your questions or arrange an individual appointment with you.